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Water Distiller

The multi-effect water distiller is the key equipment of the widely used water injection preparation system. 


  • Distillation is a process for chemical and microbiological purification of raw water by gas-liquid reform and separation. In the process, water is evaporated, in which produced steam breaks away from water, and unevaporated water flowing to behind is dissolved with solids, non-volatile substances and macromolecular impurities.
  • In the distillation process, low-molecular impurities may be entrained and carried in evaporated steam in the form of water mist or droplets, so it needs separation device to remove tiny water mist and entrained impurities, including endotoxin.
  • Purified steam becomes water for injection after condensation. Distilling method can reduce at least 99.99% of endotoxin content.


  • Multi-effect water distiller adopts unique tertiary separation technology(flash, gravity separation by 180 degrees exhumation and health type spiral separation technology), producing distilled water and pure steam with best quality, as well as safe and reliable.
  • Accelerated speed of spiral separation achieves 17 times of g(g means gravitational acceleration).
  • Unique technology of continuous removal of non-condensable gas.
  • The latest risk prevention design concept: removal of impurities in the early process stage. Seperated impurities(endotoxin, non-condensable gas and other impurities) from each evaporating column (effect) will not be brought into next column (effect), to ensure obtaining WIF with best quality;
  • Residual discharge is carried out for each column, to the last column for discharge.
  • Continuous exclusion of non-condensable gas is carried out for each column, rather than concentrated to condenser for exclusion.
  • Impurities are excluded continuously, not intermittently.
  • All condensers, feedwater pre-heaters and first effect of evaporating column adopts double tube plate design, preventing cross contamination to the greatest degree.
  • Each effect of evaporating column is equipped with special feedwater distribution plate, which can guarantee that supply water can form falling film in the column tube, to ensure the highest evaporation heat exchange efficiency.
  • Water Distiller
  • Water Distiller
  • Water Distiller
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